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Growing Old in an Adopted Land is a 5-year project, funded by the New Zealand Royal Society Te Apārangi, exploring the ageing experiences of migrant communities in Aotearoa New Zealand.

We are interested in answering questions such as:

  • What does it mean to age well for migrants from different cultures and how is it achieved?

  • What are some of the challenges of ageing as a migrant in Aotearoa New Zealand?

  • How can we support and enable our migrant communities to thrive as they age?

Ultimately, the findings of the study will bring us closer to understanding how to support ageing well for all in an increasingly diverse and rapidly aging Aotearoa New Zealand.

You can find out more about our current and past research projects below.

What does it mean to age well for migrants?

Our aim with this study was to explore what ageing well means for migrants from different cultural communities and how they achieve it over the course of their lives.

Life histories of older migrants

This study aims to explore the lived experience of migrants over the life course.

Migrant health and wellbeing survey

This study aims to gain a better understanding of the health and wellbeing of migrants living in Aotearoa New Zealand

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